Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Imagine Your Favorite Character

Imagine Your Favorite Character and you going inside of a haunted house together. This was already submitted, but made it a tad longer. Enjoy!

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It was Halloween and you and your favorite character were just about to turn in for the night after going trick or treating. You got a lot of dirty looks from adults for actually going trick or treating and dressing up. 

"Man [Favorite Character], I’m beat." "Me too, but the night is still young." "No, it’s not. You know I have a curfew." "Let’s do one more thing." "And what would that be?" "Let’s go to a haunted house." Your favorite character smirked. "Um, NO!" "Oh, [Your Name], don’t be a party pooper." 

You were torn about going to a haunted house, but you actually had some pros and cons to the situation. A pro would be that if you actually found a haunted house, you had an excuse to be close to you favorite character. The con would be… Well, there wouldn’t be a con actually.

"Please [Your Name]?" Your favorite character said as they gave you puppy dog eyes and you just couldn’t refuse your favorite character especially when they looked at you that way. "FIne." You said and your favorite character hugged you. "Thank you, [Your Name]! You’re the best!" Damn right I am. 

You and your favorite character walked down one neighborhood and saw a long line of people waiting for something. Turns out, it was the scariest haunted house in town and everyone was there to check it out, even little kids. 

"Wow. I guess we’ll be here a while huh?" Your favorite character said. "Yeah, I guess." You said slightly terrified. "You aren’t scared are you?" Your favorite character asked. "Um, no. I’m super excited! I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! Can this line go any faster?!" You rambled and your favorite character looked a little freaked out by your outburst.  "Um, ok. Oh, it’s our turn." 

You and your favorite character walked into the haunted house and so far, it was just flashing lights and dead people on the walls. "This isn’t so bad." You thought to yourself. Suddenly, you hear a scream. “AHH!” You cling on to your favorite character’s arm and hide your face in their chest. “[Your Name], are you all right?” "No! Get me out of here!" You screamed in your head. 

Your favorite character releases your grip from their arm and looks into your eyes. “[Your Name], I swear that nothing will happen to you. If anyone or anything does anything to hurt you, I’ll protect you no matter what.” they said without dropping eye contact. Your favorite character takes your hand and leads you through the haunted house. 

Every now and again, something popped out, but you weren’t frightened by it because you knew that your favorite character was going to protect you. You finally reach the end of the haunted house and you couldn’t be happier. You let go of your favorite character’s hand, but they grab it again. “[Favorite Character]?” “Can I keep holding your hand?” they asked without looking you straight in the eye. “Um, sure.” “Cool. I’ll take you home now.” You and your favorite character walked together in silence back to your house and deep down you thought to yourself "I’m glad we went to the haunted house. I actually feel somewhat closer to [Favorite Character]. I wonder if they feel the same?" 

You and your favorite character are about to part ways for the night, but your favorite character says “I’m sorry!” “Why are you apologizing?” “You were terrified to go in the haunted house and I pretty much forced you to come with me.” “It’s ok. I’m fine aren’t I?” “Yeah. but still. I want to make it up to you.” “You really don’t have to.” “[Your Name], don’t argue with me. I’m making it up to you and that’s final!” “Well all right. I guess I’ll see you later then.” “Wait! I haven’t made it up to you yet.” “So? You can do it tomorrow or some other day.” “But I want to do it now.” “Then do it.” You said a little peeved. 

Suddenly, you feel a pair of lips on your own and it took you a while to realize that your favorite character was kissing you. You had little time to react and your favorite character had already pulled away. “There. I made it up to you.” Your favorite character said as they smirked at you and they left without a good bye. All you could say was “Wow.” 


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